Clearspring Organic Japanese Brown Rice Miso 300g


Clearspring Organic Japanese Brown Rice Miso 300g


Our high quality unpasteurised brown rice miso, a fermented Japanese soya paste, is carefully made to an old family recipe and traditionally aged.

During the 18 years Clearspring's founder Christopher Dawson lived in Japan he became an expert on miso quality, and the Clearspring range is his selection of the finest traditionally made Japanese miso. All traditionally fermented Japanese miso is prepared by cooking the finest organically grown ingredients (whole soya beans and cereal grains) and combining them with a koji culture (grains or soya beans inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae mould spores) sea salt and water. Then naturally aged in cedarwood kegs over many months at ambient temperature the enzymes from the koji, along with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, gradually break down the complex grains and beans into readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars. The resulting miso has rich and complex flavours and an abundance of umami, the fifth taste.


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Suitable for vegans



Table of Nutrition

per 100g: Energy : 662kJ/158kcal, Fat : 6.1g, of which saturates : 1.2g, Carbohydrate : 10g, of which sugars : 7g, Protein : 12g, Salt : 12.7g


Whole SOYA Beans* (47%), Cultured Brown Rice* (33%), Sea Salt, Water, *Organically grown

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Suitable for Vegans

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Preparation & Usage

Use to make an authentic Japanese miso soup and to season and enrich the flavour of stews, marinades, sauces and dips.

Dissolve in a little water then add towards the end of cooking.

1 tsp of miso seasons about 1 cup of liquid.

Miso is a live product and ongoing fermentation may cause the lid to bulge. It will still be safe to consume. Harmless white yeasts may develop from exposure to air. Simply skim off.


Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 6 months.

Best before: see date stamp (E)