Fire Up 200 Firelighters Natural Sustainable

200s • 4p ea


FIRE UP have manufactured high quality environmentally friendly and sustainable firestarters for over 30 years.

Easy to use, high quality firelighters in a handy recyclable box containing 200 pieces for your convenience.

Burns for 6 to 20 minutes depending on firestarter cube size.

Not harmful if stored near foods.

FIRE UP Natural Sustainable Firelighters are made from sustainably sourced (FSC certified) compressed pinewood sawdust, impregnated with a blend of vegetable oils. FIRE UP are the first manufacturer of 100% natural firelighters.

Made from FSC certified wood and vegetable oil. The first manufacturer of 100% natural firelighters.

These firelighters are non-toxic, meaning they are safe in contact with vegetation, plants and aquatic life.

No palm oils and no fossil fuels - just enriched with vegetable oil.

Safe for use with BBQs, fireplaces, stoves and open fires.

These firelighters from FIRE UP burn CO2 neutral. They do not dry out or lose firepower, even after opening.