Kit & Kin Baby Wipes 60s [3 packs]

3 x 60s | £2.40 ea

Kit & Kin Baby Wipes 60s [3 pack]


99% water, 100% plant-based towel, 0% plastic and hypoallergenic.

New interleaved towels for one by one removal from pack - no clumping and no waste.

New patented easy dispense lid for one handed changing!

New recyclable packaging made from 50% recycled materials.

Better for baby

From Kit & Kin, the super soft, ultra absorbent baby wipes with premium performance. Our extra-large wipes are approved by dermatologists and use 99% water to gently cleanse and help protect your baby's delicate skin. Highly versatile and strong, they're perfect for cleaning bottoms, mopping up spills and wiping down surfaces. The easy dispense lid allows for quick and fuss-free changing - whether you're at home or on the go.

Better for our world

Made from a sustainably sourced 100% plant-based material, our biodegradable wipes contain zero plastic to help end our dependency on non-renewable resources and protect the future of your baby's world. Our packaging is also recyclable and made from 50% recycled materials.

Giving back

Every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation. Thanks to your support we help protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare. Together, we can make a real difference.

99% water

100% plant-based towel




60 earth friendly plastic-free wipes with premium performance